March 17, 2015


“Gaby has a beautiful ability to inspire youth with a passion that comes straight from the heart.” “I’ve seen how motivated she is by seeing the people in her community come together to create meaningful, long lasting change. She’s a dreamer – she thinks big and achieves even more.”

Craig Kielburger | Co-Founder, Free the Children

“If anyone ever needed a role model or someone that they aspire to be, they should say Gaby Ghorbani.” When asked if she wants to be like Gaby, “Of course. She’s awesome.”

Ellie Keane | Stone Valley Middle School Student, 14 years old

“I’m certain I’ve never met a person more dedicated to the cause in my life of serving the poor. Anyway, anyhow and anywhere she can, she finds a way. I think it would be hard to quantify all the work she does. It’s not just her, she finds a way to marshal others to get behind a cause. She’s got an army, Free the Children and other non-profits, the kids, the parents. She’s got everybody involved.”

Shaun McElroy | Principal – Stone Valley Middle School