Casa Kamami Girls' Shelter Christmas Presents

As my family was going to visit Mexico over the Christmas break, we decided to get our friends and family involved in our newest project. This Christmas, Pledge to Humanity wanted to give Christmas presents to boys and girls in Mexico who live in difficult situations.

The first place that we visited in Mexico was Casa Kamami. Casa Kamami is a shelter for girls who have been abused my their family members and who have been taken away from their home for their own well-being and sent to this shelter. Pledge to Humanity asked our friends, family, and supporters for their help in this project and we were met with an overwhelmingly generous response from everyone. The gifts that our helpful supporters prepared for these girls consisted of pajamas,  toiletries, among other sorts of things. Some of the boys and girls here in our community who sent the gifts even wrote letters to the girls and included a picture of themselves, some of which even planned to become pen pals with the girls of Casa Kamami. All of the girls were so happy when we arrived and gave them their presents. They could not believe that there were people all the way in a small town near San Francisco, California who cared about them enough to get them gifts for this Christmas season. Thank you to everyone who took part in this project for helping us benefit these girls and make their Christmas a little more special.