American Red Cross & Pledge To Humanity

Thank you to all who participated in the Sep 19th blood drive in Alamo, it was a huge success! Thank you to the kids and parents that passed out fliers, posted them in Alamo and Danville, and especially to all those who participated by donating blood.

Please read the thank you letter from the American red Cross to Pledge To Humanity and the totals of the blood drive..

As promised, here are your blood drive results!

  • 42 donors signed in to donate blood
  • 23.8% was the number of donors that were deferred due to our pre-screening
  • 32 Total Units of Blood was collected
  • You collected blood at 133.3% of the 25 unit goal! Congratulations on a fantastic drive!

You have saved approximately 96 lives!!

Thank you for your support of the American Red Cross!


Rachel Greathouse

Account Manager – Donor Recruitment