April 10, 2015

Stone Valley Middle School

A few words from Pledge to Humanity:

I like to think of Pledge to Humanity as a bridge between the children in our community and those in need here and all around the world.

Equally important is the gift of empowering our children to share of themselves and understand the true meaning of giving and personally making a difference in the lives of others. 

 Sincerely, Gaby

Monument Crisis Center

Stone Valley was proud to partner with Monument Crisis Center’s “Senior Moments” program, which serves over 100 at-risk senior citizens. This program provides a special time for seniors to gather, enjoy a warm lunch, and create a sense of community with their peers. Our student volunteers helped serve lunch provided by Pledge to Humanity while spending quality time with our deserving senior citizens.

Stone Valley Monument Crisis Center Feb 2018

Special Olympics at Mauzy School

We had the privilege of helping out with the Special Olympics at Mauzy School. What an amazing day!

Visiting Students at Mauzy School

Several students visited kids with disabilities from Mauzy School last week. The kids played table ball together and had a great time. They reflected on how some of the kids were able to express more outward engagement and yet all of them seemed to enjoy it.

IMG_20170317_134345 IMG_20170317_134258 IMG_20170317_134216

Making Sandwiches

Today we held our sandwich making event that made 200 sandwiches to benefit those in need in Concord- we made them in less than half hour!


Students Serving Meals at Glide Memorial



 Special Olympics

12 Stone Valley students went to Mauzy school to volunteer at the Special Olympics! It was a beautiful experience for all, and the kids were so awesome and helpful.


We Day Fundraiser

Stone Valley students organized an amazing fundraiser dance this week! Their goal was to buy goats for the villages in Kenya. After going to We Day, they were inspired by the importance of agriculture in developing communities. They raised $850 and worked so hard selling tickets. They also put together a Candygram event and raised $414.50 for Irkaat, Kenya. They did a bake sale for Cancer Research and made a donation for $292. Thank you Stone Valley students for all your hard work! You were able to purchase 17 goats for the village of Irkaat, Kenya! You are amazing!

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Generation Alive

Stone Valley Middle School students helped out at the Generation Alive event, preparing meals for the needy and learning what it means to serve!

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