September 25, 2014

PTH – Teamwork

A few words from Pledge to Humanity:

I like to think of Pledge to Humanity as a bridge between the children in our community and those in need here and all around the world.

Equally important is the gift of empowering our children to share of themselves and understand the true meaning of giving and personally making a difference in the lives of others.

 Sincerely, Gaby

We are a newly formed PTH Kids group of 4th Grade Boys that attend Rancho Romero and San Ramon Valley Christian Academy.  Our group name is TEAMWORK!  Each member is excited to choose his special service event of the month and lead the group as President.  Our twist:  we want to choose activities where our team members can feel directly connected in some special way to the end recipients of our good works.  We can’t wait to get started!

Winter Nights

We had a great time making meals for Winter Nights 2017!

Magnolia Gardens

The boys visited seniors at Magnolia Gardens and had a great time hanging out with the residents. We celebrated birthdays, brought Halloween candy, and had a wonderful visit.

Animal Rescue Foundation

What fun to help serve our four legged friends! It was a first time visit for most of the boys to the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek. We watched a video of the history of the center and the process for intake, care/feeding, and adoption of the dogs and cats at the shelter. We toured the facility and had a behind the scenes look around (very clean!). Our “job” was to pick out our favorite dog or cat and design a poster to help draw the attention of potential adoptive families. The boys got attached to “their” cat or dog and carefully picked adjectives and drew pictures to help “sell” the pet to possible forever families. A few boys really wanted to try to talk their mom’s into bringing them back to pick out a pet!

We had a special guest appearance from a very friendly shelter dog — he is in all the pictures. Our facilitator told the boys about summer camps for junior shelter helpers — more info is on their website if you are interested! We played an organized tag-game out front before we journeyed home. The boys seemed to really have a soft spot for these homeless animals and now they know where to go to work with animals OR when the time is right for adoption!


Magnolia Gardens

Kids fit right in at Magnolia Gardens especially, the Bingo table! The residents and staff so enjoy the boys. Boys are bonding and so are the residents.

Stone Valley Library!

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Food Bank

Kids Against Hunger

The kids helped put together meal bags for the needy. They helped put together meals for over 1900 people. Amazing work!

Making Gingerbread Houses

The boys worked together to make beautiful gingerbread houses for the holidays. Great job boys!

We started our meeting with John sharing his quote; “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”.  The boys then all shared their RAKs and then got to work on making blankets for the residents of Magnolia Garden.  Many residents were waiting when we arrived, they were so excited to see the boys.  Many were so grateful and emotional to receive the blankets.  The boys then helped serve dinner.

The Trinity Center

PTH Teamwork helped re-stock The Trinity Center’s pantry shed with our canned goods. We learned that a main goal of the center is to help homeless men and women find a job. They are given clothes, a shower, and assistance in setting up job interviews. In the last 4 months, Trinity Center has placed 21+ people in jobs in our area!

The boys created beautiful works of art at the Johnson Family Home. Their paintings will be sold with proceeds benefitting the Trinity Center AND a children’s orphanage in Zimbabwe. We painted enough art for 40 cards which will be sold at $12 for a 10 pack. Nice work, boys!

Donating to the Children’s Shelter

In April, PTH Rancho boys donated 3 bags of girls clothing for ages 3-6 years old to the children’s shelter in Martinez.  The clothes were donated by PTH families as well as collected from the local Alamo community.  The shelter specifically requested clothes for young girls. We also gave new undergarments.

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The boys from Teamwork visited local seniors recently. The residents were so glad they were there to visit! Great job, boys!

Helping Out at the Parks Reserve

The boys helped out at the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area by picking weeds, clearing branches, blowing leaves, and setting up pews at the chapel as an activity to learn military appreciation. Thank you so much to Chaplain Noble for not only helping to arrange the activity, but for the special time she spent on a busy Friday afternoon with the team.  We were so touched by the snack she prepared, the souvenir, and the time she spent giving us a background of the Parks Reserve history.  It made it “real” for the boys, who often hear about “military appreciation” but never knew that men and women are serving our country in our own backyard.

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A Busy Week for PTH Teamwork

The boys did an EXCELLENT job this week! We took on a BIG project in a VERY short amount of time and they were extremely focused working at a CRAZY pace to meet our goal!  250 sandwiches!! Here is what we accomplished:

– We had a snack then recited the PTH Motto and reviewed the purpose of the group.
– Pete shared this quote: “Strong people don’t put others down … they lift them up.”
– Each person shared 2 random acts of kindness (and we know could have shared MANY more!)
– Pete showed this video as inspiration for the day’s project.
– The boys assembled 250 cheddar cheese/turkey bologna/wheat bread sandwiches in about 1 hour!
– Each boy wrote words of encouragement on a post-it and attached it to each sandwich.
– We loaded up and braved Friday traffic to the Concord Shelter.
– We unloaded the sandwiches and there were definitely homeless people “hanging out.” A counselor at the center (Ms. Cunningham) gave us some details about the shelter.
– We made a surprise stop at Krispy Kreme donuts. When we drove past the sign, they instantly started begging — “Can we PLEEEEEASE get a donut?!?” That was the plan!

The workers at the Shelter shared that they did not have dinner for their clients tonight and they were thrilled and so thankful that we brought the sandwiches. Very impressive job PTHKids TEAMWORK group!

Kickoff Meeting

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