May 21, 2014

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A few words from Pledge to Humanity:

I like to think of Pledge to Humanity as a bridge between the children in our community and those in need here and all around the world.

Equally important is the gift of empowering our children to share of themselves and understand the true meaning of giving and personally making a difference in the lives of others.

 Sincerely, Gaby

Kids Against Hunger

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Sandwich Making

The boys did an amazing job making and delivering sandwiches. Jovani, Jimmy & Tyler were humbled by their efforts when we delivered the sandwiches. The director talked to the boys about the shelter and what was going happen to the sandwiches they made. He told them that the shelter helps people with drug addictions and mental problems, people with no place to go. It is a place where they can feel safe. He went on to say how commendable their efforts are today for the people there who have very little. As we got there and when we left, the people thanked and smiled at us for the boys’ efforts! It was a very rewarding day! 

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Kids from PTH groups Accelerate and PTH Inspiration joined together at Byron Park Senior Living, in Walnut Creek. The boys sang Christmas carols, passed out handmade cards and chatted one-on-one with the residents living at the facility. The experience was joyful and positive for both the residents as well as the PTH boys. Thanks boys for your beautiful songs!

PTH Kids Sing Christmas Carols from Pledge To Humanity on Vimeo.image1 image2 image3

Kids from PTH Accelerate and PTH Inspiration joined together at Kids Against Hunger to make enough meals to feed over 4,500 kids! Great job, guys!

We had a great kickoff meeting, the boys were great! We are so excited for this year and the great events we have planned.
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PTH Inspiration and PTH Accelerate held a Challenger Baseball game with special needs kids from the community. They played baseball, cheered on their teammates, and had an amazing time!

The boys celebrated this year’s amazing accomplishment’s at their end of the year get-together. We are so proud of all the boys accomplished and learned this year. They are truly an amazing group of boys!

Here is an update from Rooms of Hope about Eduardo’s new dream room! It looks amazing. Thank you boys for your hard work fundraising! We are so proud of you!

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We are so incredibly proud of these boys! They hit their $5,000 goal and more! Starting this week, Eduardo will be going on a dream vacation with his family. He will be staying in a private castle vacation home near the ocean in Monterey and he is going whale watching and to the aquarium. He is returning in time for the reveal of his new home on Saturday. The boys worked so hard to raise money for Eduardo and his family! Thank you for all your hard work and compassion.

Here is the vacation home where Eduardo stayed for a few days before the big reveal! Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.22.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.22.37 PM

Another successful Starbucks fundraiser for Eduardo! Over $600 collected, bringing us closer to our goal. The boys did amazing explaining what they were doing.

This week, the boys helped raised money for Eduardo with Rooms of Hope! They put together a booth outside of Starbucks and did a great job fundraising. They will be doing it again next week. Great job boys!

Last week, the boys were introduced to Shelley Ham, Executive Director of Rooms Of Hope.  They explained to Shelley what PTH Youth is all about and also shared their reasons for being a part of the group. Shelley then explained Rooms of Hope to the boys. This organization does dream room makeovers for children with life threatening illnesses. They will be  Shelley had a slide show and shared pictures of many of the children ROH has worked with and also shared the amazing pictures of their makeovers. Shelley was overwhelmingly impressed with our boys and all the ideas they had for Eduardo’s “under the sea” makeover. The boys seemed very excited to be a part of this process.  They are looking forward to raising money for Eduardo’s room!

1 (2)Eduardo's Rooms of Hope Postcard

 In October and November, our group supported Project Night Night in San Francisco.  Project Night Night’s mission is “to provide Night Night Packages, free of charge, to homeless children from birth to pre-teen who need childhood essentials to feel secure, cozy, ready to learn, and significant.”  These packages include a blanket, book, and stuffed animal, delivered in a very cute canvas bag.  Project Night Night delivers over 25,000 bags to homeless kids each year.  The boys really put effort into creating custom bags for each child and thoughtfully prepared them for either a boy or girl, with a stuffed animal and book that made sense for their target age, from 0 to 10 yrs old. We talked over how blessed we all are to have a home and the boys seemed to appreciate the idea of making a difference in a child’s life in the San Francisco area, even for one night.

The boys had a great meeting this week. We talked about service attitude, giving our time to help others with grace, love and a good attitude, remembering the golden rule…doing unto others. We were so proud of the beautiful, meaningful, mature, kind comments and remarks about this subject.

The kids wrote inspirational quotes and encouraging notes on index cards that will go inside a gallon size Ziploc bag full of toiletries! Some of the quotes were “Stay strong” “You are worth it” “God bless you” and more. We will distribute them in the streets of San Francisco in the tenderloin area and in a helper in Concord.

They also helped bag 120 stuffed monkeys, that will be packed and go to Open Arms for children in Mexico! We are so proud of these boys!

Here are the kids helping out at Kids Against Hunger!

The nursing home LOVED having us and is hoping we will come back again. Our visit very clearly brightened the day of MANY people! They loved the cards we made.  I also think the visit was very beneficial for our boys, as well. The nursing home would like us to come back in December to sing carols!

PTH Inspiration’s first meeting!

Check out this video of PTH Inspiration making bags for Project Night Night.

Project Night Night from Pledge To Humanity on Vimeo.

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