October 18, 2017

PTH – Goodness

A few words from Pledge to Humanity:

I like to think of Pledge to Humanity as a bridge between the children in our community and those in need here and all around the world.a

Equally important is the gift of empowering our children to share of themselves and understand the true meaning of giving and personally making a difference in the lives of others.

Sincerely, Gaby

Brookwood Retirement Center Visit

It was a great day at Brookwood Retirement Center and our 4th grade GOODNESS GROUP bringing youthful smiles and flowers to a big group of seniors!

Making Thank You Notes for Firefighters & Crossing Guards

We had a fantastic time with the kids showing our gratitude through artwork and cards for first responders to the recent fires and our Rancho crossing guard! We met on campus after school on Wednesday 10/18 and after a quick snack we pulled out art supplies and got busy. The kids got straight to work putting down their thoughts, thanking firefighters for their “bravery”, “sacrifice” and “selflessness”. The kids shared stories of family and friends directly affected by the fires as well as stories of firefighters they know who have gone to help. Cards will be dropped off to our local CalFire office tomorrow along with a care package with our cards of thanks to the crossing guard.