December 8, 2012


We are blessed to partner with many great, loving people who have a deep desire to improve the lives of those in less fortunate situations around the world.

All of our partners share our concern for the less fortunate in our local communities and around the globe. With a common goal in mind, we strive to develop projects and causes that will help us achieve the mission of Pledge to Humanity.

We would also like to thank the communities of Rancho Romero Elementary School and Stone Valley Middle School, with special appreciation to Skye Larsh, Shaun McElroy, Monique Meztcus, and Deborah Varo.

“I give my most sincere thanks to each of you and to your children, that have made so much possible already. On behalf of myself and the entire Pledge to Humanity team, thank you!” – Gaby Ghorbani, Pledge to Humanity