June 8, 2015

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported hunger and malnutrition as the greatest single threat to the world’s public health. Improving nutrition is widely regarded as the most effective form of aid. Advance International’s DNA is to use the power of their products to systematically and effectively fight world hunger in children and adults around the globe.

  •  35+- grams/day of protein is essential for sustaining human nutrition
  • 10% of the RUSF product consist of APP protein yet it generates 60% of the nutrition
  • Current RUTF & RUSF products are peanut or soy based lacking all of the essential amino acids that the body needs and often cause allergy issues.
  • Advance International utilizes an abundant, small fresh ocean fish, free of contaminants and heavy metals, eliminating any need for farming or pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or use of scarce fresh water, All natural, fresh ocean fish protein, regarded as the most superior source of protein, constitutes 100% of Advance International’s patented Advance Protein Powder™ (APP) and it is a great source of all natural calcium, potassium, and many other necessary minerals, which makes it a superior product when compared to the current commonly used peanut and soy based RUTF and RUSF products currently available.
  • The patented process used to create APP is extremely environmentally friendly, good for the ocean’s eco-system, utilizes green, safe, and sustainable small ocean fish species, and recycles all raw materials to minimize waste and operational costs.
  • The nutritionally, environmental, and social impact of PTH & Advance International teaming up is unparalleled.

finished v5The Product

RUSF stands for Ready to Use Supplemental Food. Advance International’s RUSF is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of moderately and severely malnourished children age six months and older.

In a July 2012 report, the United Nations states that food production will need to increase by 60% to feed the 2+ billion more people that are expected to be on this planet by 2050. Yet, our current methods of manufacturing food is near full capacity as nature can’t keep up with our unsustainable demands on land, fresh water, forest, and the eco-system in general. Currently, a quarter of the planet (land) is required to produce most of the food supply. Yet, 75% of the planet (water) is only producing a fraction of the world’s food supply. APP is contributing to changing these figures around with its marine based protein powder that requires zero grain, zero land & fresh water, is sustainable, is nutritionally superior (benefits found only in fish), and has a minuscule carbon footprint. In addition, the protein powder is a highly functional ingredient that works well with many end products.

The fishing industry has often been condemned for its wasteful practices. As much as 40% (Oceana 3/14 report) of global fishing yield is wasted, often discarded back into the oceans, creating a dangerous aquatic environment for the future. The fish that is retained is stored at high economic and environmental expense using vast amounts of refrigerated space, electricity, and transportation. The patented APP method eliminates waste through a refining process that allows 99% of raw fish to be used for human consumption.

APP is aligned with multiple socially impactful campaigns – from helping save the oceans, feeding the third world children, provide more nutrition in school lunches, and helping meet the food demands for the growing population numbers with a green & sustainable source of natural material that has superior nutritional values not found in any other source of protein.

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