December 8, 2012


Total Schools: 30 | Schools in India: 5

Thanks to our fundraisers, we built 8 small schools along with three latrines and handwashing stations, which will benefit the community by promoting good hygiene and sanitation. Though we originally anticipated the location of these schools to be built in the Lai District, we are now building the schools in a nearby village within the Udaipur region, called Bagad. In a village of over 300 households, there is only one primary school. Serving the school, there is only one teacher and only 40 registered students. We cannot wait to partner with Free the Children and their connections in the Udaipur region to provide support for this precious community. Thank you again for helping us change lives!

During the summer of 2013, Pledge to Humanity was pleased to travel with 17 amazing, fearless volunteers from our East Bay California community to Bagad, India. Bagad is the region where Pledge to Humanity has been supporting several schools in partnership with Free the Children.


Trip to India 2013

India PTH 2013 from Pledge To Humanity on Vimeo.

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