December 17, 2019

Media & Press

KTVU Feature Story: Pledge to Humanity Shares the Goodnight Project

KTVU Interview: Pledge to Humanity Introduces the Goodnight Project

Diablo Magazine Threads of Hope Award Winner

Gaby Ghorbani, Pledge to Humanity’s founder was the winner of Diablo Magazine’s Threads of Hope Award in 2015. This award goes to community members who strengthen the fabric of our community.

People Magazine: California Woman Inspires Teens All Over the World to Perform Acts of Kindness

Pledge to Humanity founder Gaby Ghorbani was profiled in People Magazine’s Heroes Among Us.

Diablo Magazine: Women to Watch

Pledge to Humanity’s founder was featured in the 2017 Women to Watch issue!

Hometown Heroes: Alamo nonprofit founder inspires youths to make philanthropy a daily part of life

Pledge to Humanity founder Gaby Ghorbani was profiled in the East Bay Times’ Hometown Heroes column. Watch Gaby’s interview feature here.

Around Alamo: Volunteer champions kids’ special-needs baseball team

San Ramon Valley High School’s Pledge to Humanity club was featured in the East Bay Times for their work with Challenger Baseball.

Alamo Today: Pledge to Humanity Front Page Story

Pledge to Humanity was featured on the front page of Alamo Today news.