December 8, 2012

List of Needs

The list of needs related to Pledge to Humanity and the projects, trips, and fundraising efforts we’re involved in is always changing. However, there are always several on-going things that are needed and welcomed by the shelters and organizations that we work with consistently. Some of those items are:

  • Toiletries
  • Gently used blue jeans, shoes, and other clothing items

We can also use additional helpers and volunteers to:

  • Help us at local soup kitchens
  • Run and organize drives and outings locally
  • Assist with bake sales that our children’s groups sponsor at local schools
  • Assist with our Annual Gala
  • Serve on the Annual Gala committee
  • And much, much more.

To learn more about the most up to date needs, projects, fundraisers, and trips please visit the Upcoming Events page. Or, simple visit the Contact Us¬†page to get our phone number and give us a call or if you prefer, fill out the short form to receive more information regarding what’s happening with Pledge to Humanity. Thank you.