SRVHS Volunteers at Winter Wonderland

“The SRVHS Pledge To Humanity Club was very involved in the Winter Wonderland for 1100 foster kids that traveled from all over the bay area to attend.  Our group provided volunteers on 3 separate dates, totalling 30 volunteers from our club that attended. We proudly collected 69 gift cards valued at $895! Seeing the foster kids was amazing.  They were super excited  to participate in all the games and crafts and appreciative for every gift they received.  It was fun to see their faces light up after getting to pick out a prize or toy.  Each of the foster kids posted their dreams and one little girl said that her dream “was to get gifts and thank you for making my wishes come true.” Others commented that their dream was to go home which was heartbreaking, as many of these kids have been taken out of their homes because they were unfit environments for them to stay.  These opportunities make our club community more appreciative of what they have. We are thankful for the opportunity to give back!”

– Beth McKnight, SRVHS Club President