SRVHS Volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul in Oakland

“Today we had an amazing day at Saint Vincent De Paul in Oakland.  This was not only a soup kitchen but a complete “campus” filled with showers, a multi-use room and more. This amazing place offers all sorts of services (medical, counseling training classes and more) to West Oakland’s most needy citizens. We were super impressed with the facility and how much they do for those that come for help.  They had an amazing education part in the beginning where we learned about the history of how they got started, we learned about West Oakland and how it became one of the poorest communities in the bay area and how they were helping this community.  There were probably 50 volunteers there helping out today.

Today we did a multitude of jobs that ranged from serving, prepping food to washing bins in the back. Whatever they needed, we were there to assist! The group felt enriched from this experience and the girls made sure to tell me that  they wanted to go back to this one. We have started a new partnership with this organization that we hope to continue for years to come.”

– Beth McKnight, SRVHS Club President

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