SRVHS Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity

“Today we had the amazing opportunity to attend the East Bay Habitat for Humanity workday at Muir Ridge in Martinez. It was a freezing cold morning and we all woke up early so we could arrive at our worksite at 8:30am. We learned a little about how Habitat For Humanity works and we were able to choose from 3 different jobs (working on putting together foundations for houses, putting up siding or calking). Our PTH group split up so that some of us worked on siding and others worked on calking. Each of the houses were surrounded by scaffolding and getting around was tricky and could be dangerous if you were not paying attention.  We worked for about 4 hours and then took a lunch break before’ beginning our tasks again for another 3 hours.  It was a tiring day but we all were super happy that we decided to do this!  We will definitely go back and help again.  It was rewarding and satisfying to build houses for those in need.”

– Beth McKnight, Club President