SRVHS Volunteers at Dose for Awareness Walk

“Today we had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the annual Dose For Awareness Walk. The walk is held to raise awareness for prescription drug abuse to help prevent accidental deaths. Prescription Drug abuse is the #1 cause of accidental overdose and folks right in our area are dying because lack of education and awareness. The master of ceremony was Cheryl Jennings and there were state senators, assembly woman Catherine Baker and local mayors who all spoke about this epidemic and how they are getting involved in our community to reduce these unnecessary deaths. It was great for our teens to be involved and see how dangerous these drugs can be. Our teens were able to volunteer in a huge way at the youth station, filling and passing out balloons, passing out T-shirts/totes, working at the photo booth and more. Our club feels very honored to be able to volunteer for such a great cause!” – Beth McKnight, SRVHS Club Leader