Seven Hills School Donates Houseware Items to Oakland IRC

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.29.14 PM Pledge to Humanity is proud to partner with the International Rescue Committee, based in Oakland, CA. Over the years, Pledge to Humanity has donated hundreds of houseware items and clothing to the refugees served by the IRC.

The IRC in Oakland was established in 1975 in response to the needs of arriving Southeast Asian refugees. Since then, the office has grown into a community organization that helps refugees, asylees, immigrants, and other marginalized communities.

The IRC in Oakland resettles about 450 people annually, focusing on refugees and asylees from the following nations: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Refugee families immigrate to the Bay Area on a daily basis, and the IRC in Oakland guides its refugee and asylees clientele through the resettlement process beginning from arrival to the airport.

The office currently operates several programs designed to meet a wide variety of refugee and asylee newcomers’ needs. We provide our clients with English language training, job placement services, access to mental and physical health services, and immigration support that will help them become self-sufficient and productive members of their new communities.

A vibrant, multi-cultural office, IRC in Oakland is a place where those who have been subject to persecution and injustice can find a way to go from Harm to Home.

The Seven Hills School recently helped gather and donate thousands of dollars of houseware goods to the Oakland IRC to help refugees get settled in to their new homes. Thank you to all who donated and helped organize the houseware drive! We look forward to working with the IRC in the future.


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