2012 Rooftop Fundraiser Party was a Success!

RooftopFundraiserThere’s no question that the Rooftop Party was a success! Not only did everyone enjoy the fun time we all had, but most importantly we were able to raise funds for the causes that Pledge to Humanity works hard to support! Thank you, thank you – October 26th was much more than a dinner gathering.

Thanks to our combined efforts, we sponsored a lunch program for 167 kids for an entire school year! Bottom line, these precious children will eat a nutritious lunch because of your support!

We originally thought of sponsoring the Bagad community in India, but we decided to sponsor the very needy community of Mwangaza in Kenya. Through the lunch program, students receive a mid-day meal of maize, rice, or beans while at school. This allows them to maintain focus on their studies. The lunch program is often supplemented by fresh vegetables and crops grown in the school gardens, ensuring that children receive the vitamins, minerals, and daily sustenance they need to grow and stay healthy.

A very special thanks to Larry and Cybille Scott for their generosity!