PTH Selfless Picks Fresh Fruit with Urban Farmers

Last weekend, PTH Selfless went with the organization Urban Farmers to pick fruit at 3 different houses. The goal of Urban Farmers is to make sure no food goes to waste and to provide healthy food to people who do not have easy access to it. They take volunteers to different houses where the volunteers pick the fruit trees that the owners can’t or don’t want to pick. During our trip we picked about 250 pounds of apples and worked for about 3 hours. After the food is picked it goes to places such as White Pony Express who then distributes the fruit among different shelters and locations. The important moment we had during this service project was when a neighbor of a house we were picking for came up to us and explained how the apple tree we were picking was planted for a man’s wife and how after they passed away,  the son and current owner did not like picking the apples so she was grateful to us for harvesting all of that fruit for charity. This service project was very fun and we would definitely do it again.