PTH Kids Help Out at the Animal Rescue Foundation

“What fun to help serve our four legged friends! It was a first time visit for most of the boys to the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek. We watched a video of the history of the center and the process for intake, care/feeding, and adoption of the dogs and cats at the shelter. We toured the facility and had a behind the scenes look around (very clean!). Our “job” was to pick out our favorite dog or cat and design a poster to help draw the attention of potential adoptive families. The boys got attached to “their” cat or dog and carefully picked adjectives and drew pictures to help “sell” the pet to possible forever families. A few boys really wanted to try to talk their mom’s into bringing them back to pick out a pet!

We had a special guest appearance from a very friendly shelter dog — he is in all the pictures. Our facilitator told the boys about summer camps for junior shelter helpers — more info is on their website if you are interested! We played an organized tag-game out front before we journeyed home. The boys seemed to really have a soft spot for these homeless animals and now they know where to go to work with animals OR when the time is right for adoption!” – Teamwork Leaders