Kriti Serenades Local Seniors with Her Violin

I have always loved music ever since I was a baby. First, music would help distract me from the rashes I would get from my eczema. The vibrancy of Bollywood songs would transport me into another world and decrease my pain. As I grew older, I started becoming more involved with music. I started playing the violin and becoming involved with Bollywood dance and Indian classical music. By playing the violin at senior centers, I hope to spread the joy that I get from music.

Video 1: This song was the first one I played. It is called Gavotte and it is by P. Martini.

Video 2: This song is also called, Gavotte, but it is in G Minor and it is by J. S. Bach.

Video 3: One of the seniors had asked me about my bow, so I explained to her what rosin is and how it works.

Video 4: The last time I had come here, the elders really enjoyed songs from the musical the Sound of Music, so I played some of those again.