Kriti Plays Violin for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Kriti has an amazing musical talent and a passion for sharing it with others! Kriti frequently plays for local seniors. You can see more of photos of her playing for seniors here.

“Today as I entered the room I saw that it was all decked out in pink and red banners and balloons. Light pink donut boxes were scattered around on the tables. Because it was Valentine’s Day, I had picked out some special songs by the Beatles to play. After my original set, I found out that two of the seniors, Eileen and Barbara, had played the violin when they were in high school and we had a small discussion about their high school orchestra experiences.

Soon Bill told me that Eileen was turning 100 next Sunday! To celebrate we all sang Happy Birthday while I played along on my violin. It was amazing to see that Eileen couldn’t fathom that she was turning 100 and to see the joy on her face when we all sang to her.” – Kriti