Introducing The Goodnight Project

On Tuesday, November 27, Pledge to Humanity will participate in #GivingTuesday, a global day of charitable giving fueled by the power of social media. We invite you to join us as we officially launch a new initiative for Pledge to Humanity: The Goodnight Project.

Our goal this winter season is to distribute 250 Goodnight Project kits to the Bay Area homeless population during the winter months. Our student volunteers from schools throughout the Bay Area will assemble and distribute these kits which will each include: a sleeping bag, mat, tarp, blanket, pillow, backpack, and hygiene essentials.

The Pledge to Humanity #GivingTuesday campaign will run November 1-30. For every $30 that you donate, Pledge to Humanity will purchase a new sleeping bag which we will include in each Goodnight Project kit.

We’re counting on you to help Pledge to Humanity purchase 250 sleeping bags!!
Thank you for supporting #TheGoodnightProject!

We are so grateful to the freshman class from Bentley High School in Lafayette who recently assembled our first 15 Goodnight Project kits along with handwritten heartfelt letters. Thank You for helping us to launch this major new initiative!!