Help Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade and the CHP

It’s a little known fact that CHP first responders to accident sites use small teddy bears to help calm down traumatized children when their parents are incapacitated. The funds to supply these teddy bears has recently run out. Bobby, a five year old who lives in Alamo, CA, has started a campaign to raise the funds to place a teddy bear in every CHP vehicle (all 6,600 of them!). This means that Bobby is trying to raise a little over $12,000.

Pledge to Humanity has worked with Bobby and his parents on other projects and we’re pleased to let everyone know that we are partnering with this awesome young man on this great project.

Our long-term goal is to put one Teddy Bear in each vehicle. 6600 vehicles x $1.85 = $12,210 goal.

We have raised enough funds to purchase 200 Teddy Bears so far…only 6400 to go! Please help us meet our goal with your generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation.

If you’d like to see bears we are purchasing, you can check them out at

5-year-old Bobby is hosting his second annual Charity drive in May this year. He and his group of friends are affectionately called, “Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade”. This year we’re focusing on helping the CHP and are seeking TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations.

If you would like to make a donation, please make checks out to Pledge to Humanity and note in the memo BBB CHP.

Mailing Address is:
Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade
P.O. Box 1252
Alamo, Ca. 94507

Contact Mark Redman at 925-336-9425 for more information on Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade and visit: Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade is partnering up with Pledge to Humanity again this year to provide TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations.

Contact Gaby Ghorbani at 510-377-5724 for more information on Pledge to Humanity.

If you are able to print and post fliers for others to help out Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade and Pledge to Humanity, please click here for a downloadable, printable flier.