The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that followed killed hundreds of people and left many entire cities in ruins. Students at Rancho Romero Elementary School held fundraisers to support the victims in Japan with “Lunch for Japan” and a group of kids from Stone Valley Middle school “Cupcakes for Japan”. Thanks to these, mainly kid-run[…]


Pledge to Humanity’s annual garage sale fundraiser was held on Saturday, August 29th and raised $1,167! Thank you to all the families who donated the clothes, furniture, toys, and all other items. A special thank you to Mel Savella who hosted and organized the garage sale at her home. Thank you to all the adult[…]


A group of women got together and volunteered at VESTIA. VESTIA provides services and goods to low-income and underprivileged families, foster children, and adults when assistance is not available from other sources. Much of the work VESTIA does is focused on children and families with children.