Pledge to humanity's 9th annual gala & auction is sept. 9th, 2017!

Pledge to Humanity's goal is to inspire kids to become forever volunteers.


Pledge to Humanity empowers children and young adults to volunteer in efforts that improve the quality of life for other children, families and seniors in need through local and global initiatives. We believe that when young people lead the effort to make a difference in their community, they become compassionate changemakers. They grow into leaders who possess a lifelong commitment to service. Pledge to Humanity champions everyone at every age to become a forever volunteer.

Pledge to Humanity’s student ambassador groups include over 500 kids involved in over a dozen schools. Ambassador groups connect students with local organizations, fostering bonds between students, parents, teachers, and their community.


At Pledge to Humanity, we seek to form strong bonds between our ambassador groups and seniors in community centers and retirement homes in the Bay Area, whether it’s by serving lunch, singing songs, playing games, or just spending time together.


In addition to volunteering locally, we encourage students and young adults to think globally. So far, Pledge to Humanity groups have served in India, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, and beyond.


Pledge to Humanity Ambassador groups regularly volunteer with local shelters and food banks to help prepare meals, lunch bags, and toiletry kits for community members and families in need.

Check in on the many ongoing projects that Pledge to Humanity Ambassadors have been working on!


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